DURANTE O TODO E O OCO by Rita Draper Frazão

15 Janeiro a 25 Janeiro

"Things ?are ?empty ?in? time ?and? space? and? mind. ?I ?figured ?it ?all? out ?and? the? next? day ?feeling ?very ?exhilarated ?I ?felt ?the ?time ?had? come ?to ?explain ?everything ?to ?my ?family. ?They ?laughed ?more ?than ?anything ?else. ?But ?listen! ?No! ?Look! ?It's?simple, ?let ?me ?lay ?it ?but? as? simple ?and ?concise ?as ?I? can. ?All ?things ?are ?empty,? ain't ?they? Whattayou?mean, ?empty,? I'm?holding ?this ?orange ?in ?my? hand, ?ain't? I? It's? empty, ?everythin's ?empty,? things? come ?but? to ?go, ?all ?things? made ?have ?to? be?unmade, ?and? they'll? have? to? be? unmade? simply ?because ?they ?were ?made!"

“The ?Dharma ?Bums” ??by? Jack ?Kerouac

On? 15th ?of ?January, ?at ?7pm, ?Zaratan ?-?Arte ?Contempora?nea ?is ?pleased ?to? presents ?Durante o todo e o oco,? a? solo? show? by? Rita Draper Fraza?o.?
Our ?pre-conceptions ?of ?what ?is ?it? and ?what ?isn't, ?let ?us? perceive ?how ?things ?take? shape.? It? was? from ?the? act ?of? painting? and ?illustrate ?figuratively? that, ?from ?beneath,? emerged? these? pieces? that? were? once? the? artist's?table? cloth. They? ar e?a?deconstruction ?of ?the? painting? and ?the? whole? process ?that ?led ?Rita ?Draper? Fraza?o? to ?produce ?something? that? questions?what's ?"ready"? and? "finished".? The ?abstraction? and? experimentation? used? here ?have? a ?possible? parallel? with ?free ?jazz? or?experimental? music.? For? sure, ?that ?from? the? empties?t hat? allow? us? to? realize ?forms ?(whole),? hollow? was ?what ?most?interested ?the? artist?-? because ?it? had? sound. ?The? current? exhibition ?is ?the ?result ?of? her? work ?from? the? past ?three? years. 
The ?artist? invites ?the? musicians ?Maria?Radich,? Luis ?Vicente? and? Joa?o? Madeira ?to ?join ?the? same? stage? in? a? concert,? taking ?place? on ?the ?same? day ?of ?the ?opening.