The bookstore and atelier of independent editions 1359 focuses on short-run publishing and investigates the independent editorial scene between Portugal and Brazil. Beside acting as a prints house for artists multiple and publisher, 1359 is also proposed itself as a meeting point for books, illustration, photography, fanzines and artists' objects.


Stolen Prints
Print studio in Lisbon, specializing in production of limited editions of books, fanzines and art multiples in Risografia, Digital offset and Screen printing.



An online platform hosting residencies of artists, with the support of structures active in the domains of artistic creation, teaching and diffusion - namely university research units, publishing projects, museums, visual arts schools and independent art projects. The art fields considered are photography and visual arts, film, architecture, graphic design, music and sound art.
Our partners are invited to start creative processes to be materialized in the guest artists' proposals: investigative texts, visual and audio essays and art work specifically developed for the platform. 


Is a collective independent editorial alternative music with principles based on the philosophy of do-it-yourself. Consisting of a set of ego-maniacs schizophrenic atomizations, A BESTA is made by people based anywhere in the mood to be everywhere. Founded in dubious productivity nights in 2013 and well after millstone to do things or create momentum, advancing as homeless ceiling promoting for cultural events or as an editor relying on animals of every kind and size. It has enough arms to embrace those who, based on the idea of free music for people freed or desire to be free, want to enter in A BESTA.