2 Fevevereiro a 15 Fevevereiro

On the 5th of February,  Zaratan – Arte Contemporânea invites for the opening of Partida,Largada, Fugida a solo show by Mariana Marques.

This exhibition moves forward a journey and a contemplation of the panorama, with three moving landscapes installed in the space. This is not an alone trip: Mariana Marques goes in the direction of collective process and proposes her installations to be sonified by 3 other guest artists. On the opening day, there will be two live concert, one by “S for Stuart” and
onother one by Joana Guerra, to create the soundtracks for the artworks Partida and Fugida. The recording of the performances will be integrated in the works of the exhibition the day after.

For Largada, the artist works in collaboration with Alexandre Castro, designer and web developer, who built the mechanism that controls the dialogue and the breath between the slide projectors.

In the three artworks that compose Partida, Largada, Fugida the movement and the music clearly have a crucial importance. In fact, these elements gives the rhythm to the installetions of Mariana Marques. This image lies within the territory of the sound, and the music is transmites through the territory of the visual.

They look each other. The movement itself delays or accelerates the images, and is capable of changing the meanings.