ANDRÉ SIER (1977) works artistically with code, electronic, interactive, digital and conventional media, where he combines video games, installations, painting, sculpture, music, mathematics and computation in objects and electronic arts experiments, in which he fuses mythology, interfaces, spatiotemporal continuums. generative, human nonhuman art-science constructs. Award-winning artist at New Art Fest (2017), three times at Lisbon Maker Faire (2014, 15, 16), Cerveira Biennial (2009) and Jovens Criadores (2006). For the last 22 years he has been producing objects and serial interactive work, which playfully unveil spatial-temporal relationships synthesized in electronic substrates, shown in more than 27 national and international solo exhibitions, over 100 exhibitions and collective events. He has exhibited works at the MNAC (2017, 2016), São Roque Museum (2011), MEIAC (2006). André Sier is an electronic artist with a degree in science, arts, computing, a philosophy degree, a digital arts educator and he currently teaches at the University of Évora, and he is a PhD student in techno-arts at Planetary Collegium. Has a digital portfolio at