#LUTO by André Trindade

2 Maio a 1 Junho

André Trindade


2.5.19 - 1.6.19

Zaratan  is pleased to present #LUTO, an individual exhibition by André Trindade, which brings together works developed over three months in Santa Cruz Cabrália, in the south of Bahia (Brazil). #LUTO constructs an obsessive and critical vision of a changing reality, amalgamating placid landscapes and the repeatability of tourist experiences, elements of resistance and melancholy in a country marked by a history of violence and a recent reactionary political wave. The core of the exhibition consists of a series of outdoor marker drawings in which the surrounding elements, such as murals, pixifications and other inscriptions, but also water, wind and moisture, blend in unexpected ways. Like a glitch in reality, or in the eye of the artist