FESTIM LAGOSTIM by Sofia Mascate

4 Abril a 28 Abril

Sofia Mascate

Festim Lagostim

04.04.19 – 28.04.19

In this rich and festive dinner, a varied menu is available. Stuffed with delicacies, accompanied by an abundant bar.
Arthropods also live in hierarchical structures. Thus is preserved the desire for indulgence, poignant by the illustrious bearing of the animal.
The gustatory pleasure will come hand in hand with the banquet category and consequent aesthetic appreciation of the nourishment sources.
Simulation of high-culture at the table. Fruit of intense labor, devout servitude.
In view of the dangers of dismembering and sucking, bibs are provided for the occasion. The feast has in its greater interest the preservation of the dress of the guests.
When the repast is done, it is advised to use the wet wipes.