Sofia Mascate (n. 1995) lives and works between Hamburg and Lisbon. At the moment he has a masters degree in Painting at HfBK Hamburg. She has a degree in Painting from FBAUL (2017). Individual exhibitions include "Birthday" / Las Palmas (2018) and "April, Thousand Leaves" / Monumental Gallery (2018). Participated in the Fair JustMAD (2019) and Fair JustLX (2018), where she was nominated for the "I Emerging Art Prize" of the Millenium BCP Foundation. She was also nominated for the BCP Millenium Foundation Young Art Award (2018). She was awarded the Young Talent Scholarship for the International Summer Academy for Fine Arts and Media in Venice (2017). Participated in the residences ZONA Lamego (2018) and CEAC Vila Nova da Barquinha (2016).