INCERTA DESAMBIGUAÇÃO curated by Cristina Assunção and Jorge Maciel

19 Outubro a 3 Dezembro


Curated by Cristina Assunção e Jorge Maciel

During the 19th day of October, at 7 pm Zaratan invites to the Prelude of “Incerta Desambiguação”, a collective exhibition unfolding in 5 acts with curatorship of the artists Cristina Assunção e Jorge Maciel.
With the participation of: Antónia Labaredas, Carlos Alexandre Rodrigues, Catarina Domingues, Constança Bettencourt, Diana Baptista, Filipe Feijão, Ivo Andrade, Joana Patrão, João Ferro Martins, João Margarido, Laura Figueiras, Luísa Passos, Mafalda Carvalho, Maria Pereira, Orlando Vieira Francisco, Vasco Costa.

OPENINGS, every Thursday at 7 pm:

19/10 Prelude
26/10 Peripeteia
02/11 Anagnorisis
09/11 Ignoto
16/11 Catharsis

FROM 19th October until 18th November

OPENING HOURS Thursday from 7 pm to 10 pm | Friday to Sunday, 4 pm to 8 pm.

Design: Vera Gomes


Since the beginning Zaratan entrusts the organization of the exhibition agenda to its artists and thus embodies an anti-hierarchical perception of the art world - where artists, curators, gallerists, critics and the public are all considered "players" of the same game - And embraces the theory of expanded practice, in the sense of considering the artist not only as the creator" of the work of art, but as a socially imbued cultural operator.

The novelty is to open the invitation to other artists, who, beside sharing consistent artistic paths, are above all artists involved with a generous desire to explore and develop uncorrupted and intuitive formats.

This project materializes itself over several months through a series of exhibition proposals that not only involve, but rather depart from the artist-curators involved in the process.The aim is to stimulate procedures driven by the acceptance of uncertainty, articulating a particular way to integrate experimentation, spontaneity and discovery into curatorship, not subjected to conditions or commitments associated with predetermined results.

The openness necessary for these expositions to come into existence obliges us to avoid narrative imposition and to leave to the public the task of a precise reconstruction of the facts.