DOWN TO EARTH by Maria Peña

25 Fevevereiro a 28 Fevevereiro

On the 25th of February Zaratan – Arte Contemporânea is pleased to announce the opening of Down to Earth, a solo exhibition by Maria Peña (ES) who is showing a new series of works produced during her one month stay in Lisbon at the program of artistic residency Zaratan A.I.R. 2016.
Between painting, sculptures, installation, collage and urban intervention, "Down to Earth" is a 360 degree project which comes from the observation of life in cities and describe the relationship between nature and the urban environment.

The exhibition is built on a double movement: on one side the artwork is pushed outside to the public in the street, on the other the city enters into the gallery space.

From textiles and layers of painting, leaves and branches, to the incorporation of ready made sculptures and objects, the practice of Maria Peña shows a sensible approach through the assembling of different poor and recycled materials.

The exhibition continues in the streets: the small publication “Down to Earth” invites the viewers to explore the city and look at it in a different way. Itcontains a guided tour that indicates the path to see some of the artworks that Maria Peña has been installing on the skin of the city of Lisbon during her stay.