20 Junho a 29 Junho


OPENING | 20 Junne, 18:00-22:00
ON DISPLAY | 21 June - 29 June, 16:00-20:00
LIVE EVENTS | 20/28/29 June, 18:30

We are glad to invite you for the opening of REFLECTIONS, the exhibition/ Installation created by the artists participating in the project PANG! Performing Arts for the Next Generation project by Glocalmusic, led by Drama Artists and co-funded by Creative Europethat. With works by Isadora Angelini, Angela Antonini, Ursa Strehar Bencina, Rene Koster, Clara Marchana, Luis Fernandes, Ana Romih and Luca Serrani.
The invitation is to provide everyone with an experience that reflects the resonances of touch, the echoes of the reverberations of emotions in the body, in the hands, in the feet, in the places where everything merges within any connection we establish with the other and the possible obstacles that arise from this. A body that consciously and unconsciously absorbs, filters and reflects the experiences that pass through it.
The exhibition is accompanied by live events: Beatriz Portugal & José Infanton the opening and closing day (20th and 29th June) and KATEPA (Messias Santiago, Ary and Nuno Reis) on the 28th June. [>>>More information below]
CONCEPT & CRIATION | Luis Fernandes with the work of Isadora Angelini, Angela Antonini, Ursa Strehar Bencina, Rene Koster, Clara Marchana, Luis Fernandes, Ana Romih and Luca Serrani from the Artistic Residency at Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava (Tallinn)
PRODUCTION | Glocalmúsic
PANG PROJECTS MANEGERS | Lorenzo Vercelli, Mojica Campa, Kãrt Kelder, Luis Miguel Rodrigues
PARTNERS | Drama Teatro(It), Glocalmusic(Pt), Pionirski dom - Center za kulturo mladih(Si) Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava(Ee).


Beatriz Portugal (jazz voice, Lisbon based) and José Infante (electronics, Berlin based) have collaborated since 2008 in live acts and live recordings. They recently recorded an EP of electronic music in Berlin, to be released soon by Intersonica. Beatriz Portugal is a singer, site-specific performer and researcher. She is in love with the arts, teaching, different cultures and people, making things happen with respect for others and difference. José Infante, known for music projects such as Kids On Acid or The Positronics, explores minimalism, dub, techno and more psychedelic territories.

Beatriz Portugal - voice and fx
José Infante - electronics / dubstation
Nuno Reis trumpet (guest)

>>> KATEPA | 28 Junho
Kissange set and electronics, electroacoustics and loop-based edm mix world music afro roots from angolan region, KATEPA is a project by 'soba' Messias Santiago developed with Intersonica.
KATEPA is an extremely poetic show, where improvisation appears somewhere between minimalism and trance, which brings us the smell of hot earth and the fiery colors of clay.
Messias Santiago became notable in the portuguese reggae scene with Kussondulola, from the 1990s and later with the afro-reggae band Mercado Negro.
The Kissange (kisanji, quissange) is a traditional Angolan instrument, an idiophone of the lamellophone family, a type of “thumb piano” that has relatives in many regions of Africa, where it receives multiple names, such as mbira, sanza, kalimba and many others. This type of instrument also traveled to the new world, namely to the Caribbean, where bass versions of the instrument can be found.
With roots in world music, with ancestral sounds tempered by jazzy melodies and soaring electronics, KATEPA invites us to embark on a journey through paradisiacal places where the past and the future intertwine. They grab us from the earth and throw us into the galaxy... KATEPA means my neighborhood in Angolan Malanje dialect. There you could see kissange players coming from towns further inland. In a great tribute, in an emotional connection, KATEPA come to unite the past with the future and travel the galaxies with their ancestors.

Messias Santiago - kissange set, electronics/electroacoustics
Ary - synthesizers
Nuno Reis - trumpet/flugelhorn, electronics/electroacoustics