ROSAS by Lea Managil

15 Fevevereiro a 16 Março

ROSAS | Lea Managil

OPENING | 15 February, 16:00
ON DISPLAY | February 16 – March 16, 2024
SCHEDULES | Thu-Sun, 4pm-8pm
GUIDED TOUR | 25 February, 18:00
SUPPORT | República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direcção-Geral das Artes
"When the Rose sprouts, silky in its petals, the dense stem is also adorned with thorns. Only a symbol so ubiquitous in human consciousness could converge such disparate sensations within itself. In its
paradoxes, the Rose educated everyone, and from itself made sprout as many faces as the dense accumulation of its petals suggests, evoking infinity.But a symbol previously suspended between so many meanings now runs the risk of no longer sustaining any. Immersed in a historical period that divorced us from the symbolic spectrum that once enchanted the things of the world and mediated our relationship with reality, the modern human agonizes, naked, amidst the cold winds of meaninglessness.
In the exhibition Rosas, artist Lea Managil seeks, through a wide repertoire of artistic operations, to reform the dying symbolic heritage of the Rose. And yet the Rose, in her work, is never a flower
— and therefore so much closer to its essence. Her work collects objects that together compose a renewed interpretative cosmos, manifesting the memory of the flower in other forms, more sensitive to our
current disorders. Finally removed from her cryptic silence, the Rose here is reborn multiple, terrible and attractive, to tell us new, primordial speeches in other guises."
Text: Tomás Camillis

BIO: LEA MANAGIL (Lisbon, 1991) graduated in Painting, from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon (FBAUL) and Music, from the School of Music of the National Conservatory (EMCN) and the University of Aveiro (UA).
Among the most revealing exhibitions, the following stand out: Breathable Objects, Las Palmas (Lisbon, 2018), Rádio Gambozino, StandProject, (Lisbon 2021); Spleen, O Armário project (Lisbon, 2022); We’ll feed the dream for as long as we can, Balcony gallery (Lisbon, 2022); A Prática do Infinito pela Leitura, Centro Cultural Vila Flor (Guimarães, 2023); 2 lives, online collective exhibition, curated by artists Israel Quero and Lorena Baston, NMV espacio; Dip me in the River, Drop me in the water, curated by Carolina Trigueiros, Pedro Cera gallery (Lisbon, 2021); Apofenia II, curated by Las Palmas and Bruno Marchand, Culturgest Porto (Porto, 2021); A Longa Sombra, curated by Horácio Frutuoso, Maus Hábitos (Porto, 2021); And Yet You Go On, at DuplexAir (Lisbon, 2020); Homework, Madragoa gallery (Lisbon, 2020); launch of 3rd edition of Dose magazine, Lehmann & Silva gallery (Porto, 2020); No dia seguinte está o Agora, CAPC (Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra, Círculo Sede, Coimbra, 2018); Exposição de Finalistas, National Society of Fine Arts (Lisbon, 2014).
Her work is included in the CACE collections (State Contemporary Art Collection), António Cachola Collection and João Luís Traça Collection. Her work was mentioned in different publications, such as: the online magazine Daily-Lazy (2019), following the Breathable Objects exhibition; the article related to the collective exhibition And Yet You Go On (2020) in Umbigo magazine; David Silva Revés' review of the solo exhibition Spleen (2022) in Contemporânea magazine; and Susana Pomba’s review of the solo exhibition We’ll feed the dream for as long as we can (2022)in the online archive É Um Oceano. She lives and works in Lisbon.