5 Maio 2016 19h00

On the 5th of May, at 7 pm, MIA and Zaratan present a concert by MARK ALBAN LOTZ. On his first visit to Portugal, due to his participation in MIA 2016, we challenge this amazing composer and improviser to present a concert which anticipate his participation in the "Improvised Music Meeting of Atouguia da Baleia". For this purpose he will have as Portuguese partners (and also regular presences at MIA) PAULO CURADO (flute) and  MIGUEL MIRA (cello).


Mark Alban Lotz 
He is a Dutch musician and pedagogue who has the flutes and electronics as the privileged vehicle of expression. Having traveled the world and possessing an impressive résumé, Mark’s music build a bridge between jazz and classical contemporary music – often crossing boundaries with other musics of the world.

Paulo Curado
He is flutist, saxophonist, improviser and composer. With classical and jazz training, at Academia de Amadores de Música, at Conservatório Nacional and at Escola de Jazz do Hot Clube of Portugal, Paulo Curado's research is located - as an instrumentalist - in jazz and improvised music. In this context regularly collaborates with other musicians and interacts with various expressions such as theater, dance, film animation and music for children.

Miguel Mira
He plays the cello and is one of the most active Portuguese improvisers. He collaborates regularly with Ernesto Rodrigues and Rodrigo Amado, is with the latter that he has gained more notoriety, doing tours all over the place and playing live and in studio with musicians like Jeb Bishop and Peter Evans.