VOLTAS | Cycle of Performances «Pau-Brasil» by Letícia Larin

18 Maio 2024 18h00

VOLTAS | Cycle of Performances
«Pau-Brasil» by Letícia Larin

Taking place in five sessions, between March and May 2024, the VOLTAS performance cycle is led by 6 international artists/activists who, with their work, address universal issues linked to the protection of the values of democratic societies and the development of an awareness collective: the decolonization of knowledge, political oppression, social inequality, gender issues, climate change.
The revolution is considered a fundamental point of convergence for the development of a collective consciousness, the place to once again define the borders and characteristics of minorities, or rethink the instruments for welcoming and protecting democratic society. Thus, reflection on the 25th of April becomes an opportunity to explore current political and social contestations not only in Portugal, but also at an international level.
With performances by Katarina Balunova (SK), Laura Stinger (US), Letícia Larin (BR), Melissa Rodrigues (CV/PT) with Carolina Varela (PT) and Roxanna Albayati (UK/IR) with Rebecca Moradalizadeh (PT/IR).
On May 18th at 6:00 pm we present the fourth session of the cycle. «Pau-Brasil» by Letícia Larin is a performance with an activist-ritualistic atmosphere in which the production of consumer goods and the fabrication of the body and social space intersect. The plot of this trance manifestation is inspired by the Tupi-Guarani myth of the creation of the human being, where the trunk of the Brazilwood tree serves as a mold. In this piece, elements that resonate with indigenous ancestry and the colonization of Pindorama (“Brazil” in Guarani) function as relational objects. Being embodied by souls and policies dyed with blood through red details, spiritual, therapeutic, extractive and capitalist instances collide. Thus, in the revelation of reason and madness that make extinction and death remain, there is a rite of transformation and healing.
Costume design developed in collaboration with Marisa Carboni
VOLTAS is an integral part of the “Lápis Azul / Lápis Vermelho” project, with joint support from the Portuguese Republic – Culture / Directorate-General for the Arts and the 50th Anniversary 25th of April Commemorative Commission.
LETÍCIA LARÍN was born in São Paulo (1982), from 2012 to 2016 she lived in Lima (Peru) and since 2017 she has lived and worked in Lisbon. Visual artist and researcher, she is a PhD candidate in Fine Arts (FBAUL, Lisbon, Portugal). In addition to being a fellow (FCT, Portugal) and receiving a research grant (CLACSO, Argentina), she published a book chapter (CLACSO) and articles (Brazil, Portugal, Peru, Spain and Argentina), held artistic residencies (Mexico, Portugal , Brazil and the United States) and presented conferences (Portugal, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and the United States), performances (as in El Nidal and 9th CLACSO Conference, Mexico City, 2022; EXTRAI Project, Lousal, 2021; Festival dos Canais, Aveiro, 2019; 515 Gallery, Los Angeles, 2018; ABLI-Arte Bienal en Lima, 2017; Galería NNM, Lima, 2016) and large format installations (Casa da Cultura de Ílhavo and INATEL building in Braga, Portugal). She had her main solo exhibitions in Lima (Centro Cultural Ricardo Palma and Socorro Espacio Polivalente) and participated in around 60 group exhibitions between Portugal, Peru, Brazil and the United States (such as É Bonita a Festa Pá, Bienal de Cerveira, Vila Nova de Cerveira, 2024; Ar: Acervo Rotativo, Luz Espaço de Arte, São Paulo, 2023; ARCO Perú – 3rd Edition of ABLI, Lima, 2019; The Bermuda Project , St. Louis, USA, 2018; Loops – 4th edition, MNAC, Lisbon, 2018; Concurso de Arte Contemporáneo Joven, CCRP, Lima, 2014; 2005/2006, CDMAC, Fortaleza, Paço Imperial, Rio de Janeiro and Instituto Itaú Cultural, São Paulo).