EM OBRAS | Experimental Laboratory

19 Outubro 2023 16h00

"EM OBRAS | Experimental Laboratory"

OPEN | 19 October – 4 November 2023
SCHEDULE | Thu-Sun 16:00 - 20:00
ENTY | Free
SUPPORT | Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

Zaratan in thrilled to present the final exhibition of the experimental laboratory EM OBRAS, which occurred during 13 days and counted with the participation of ANA CECÍLIA CARVALHO, CARLOTA JARDIM, CONSTANZA SOLÓRZANO, FRANCISCA RIBEIRO, JAVIERA ESPINOSA, RITA CARMO, THAISA VIANNA e TIIO SOURSA.

Detached from traditional teaching methods, the laboratory emphasized practice, improvisation, debate and collaboration. Discussion of artworks, its formal qualities, its environment, the meaning it creates, the work of the artist and the viewer – all these have educational features and are examples of Zaratan's curatorial approach. The aim is not just to organize the exchange of knowledge, but first of all, to create discursive spaces: an open context for the existence of contemporary artistic practice.
The lab has been structures in 5 main different activities, organized by each one of the artist-trainers, but it had also been punctuated by an intense dialogue about individual practices and collective work.
The  exhibition is based on a collaborative relationship between all those involved: a community in transformation, which escapes the practices of identification and generates a dynamic relational map.
Ultimately the gallery space of Zaratan became a space for the participants to share with the public a glimpse of the work developed during the workshop, where the physical space is filled with interdisciplinary thoughts and transversal actions.
The lab has been made possible by the support of Câmara Municipal de Lisboa.


ANA CECÍLIA CARVALHO (Brazil, 2005) currently lives in Lisbon, where she is attending a Masters in Multimedia Art at the Faculty of Fine Arts. She works mainly with drawing and painting, with the future goal of working in the field of animation for video games and films. This is her first participation in a public exhibition.

CARLOTA JARDIM (Lisbon, 1995) is a visual artist. In her work, she explores the relationship between painting, installation and speech, promoting rapprochement between the public and the artwork. The solo exhibitions “Escritório” (Pó de Vir a Ser, Évora, 2023) and “Verdade Ilusão A Rave De Platão” (Galeria do Sol, Porto, 2022) stand out. She has a degree in Painting from FBAUL (2014-18) and a Master in Fine Arts – Painting from FBAUP (2020-22).

CONSTANZA SOLÓRZANO (Bogotá, 1988) is a photographer and anthropologist. She works with images and academic research to approach contemporary notions of categories such as "time", "memory", "life" and "death". She currently lives in Lisbon where she is writing her thesis on the concept of time in astronomical images and genealogical images to obtain a master's degree in aesthetics. The axis of her artistic practice is photography, a device that allows her to access other temporalities and memories. Her work has been exhibited in Argentina, Colombia, France, Portugal and Uruguay.

FRANCISCA RIBEIRO (Lisbon, 1981) is a visual artist. HEr creative process is driven by the invisible and how it can be felt through subtle fields of perception. Simplicity and repetition are recurring paths, in the search for the invisible in fluid states of time and space. With a degree in Biological Engineering, she studied Photography in Lisbon and Barcelona and completed her master's degree in Multimedia Art at Fbaul. She participated in festivals, solo and group exhibitions in Spain, Portugal, United States and Sweden.

JAVIERA ESPINOSA (Chile, 1996) is a communicator and photographer. She works with memory, intimacy and forgotten spaces. Her work often focuses on the exercise of finding ways of seeing, using the camera to capture personal and political memory in a migratory context. She participated in the collective exhibitions "Valparaíso Joven" and "Mar, borde y ciudad", in Valparaíso, Chile .

RITA CARMO (1976) is a curator and artist. With a degree in Fine Arts (ESAD), she explores relationships between Past and Present, Unconscious and Conscious, Private and Public, Strange and Familiar, through objects, installations and performances. In 2020, she created the artistic residencies "If anyone asks about me, say I'm in Tahiti!" and Galeria Mergulho. Highlights include the exhibitions “Construction Materials: Open Rehearsal” #1 and 2 at Galeria Mergulho, “Um Quarto Só Dela”, at Galeria Municipal de Torres Vedras and “Jogo do Sério” with Nuno Sousa Vieira at CAPC.

THAISA VIANNA (2003, Brazil) is a visual artist. She is attending her final year of Fine Arts and Multimedia at the University of Évora. She fundamentally uses art as a tool of introspection and expression to deal with her own feelings, sensations and experiences, externalizing them. Her artistic practice is mainly centered on painting, immersive installation and photography, with direct or symbolic self-representations frequently present.

TIIO SUORSA (Helsinki, 1985) is a visual artist working with moving image, digital poetry and installations. The practice and artistic research is based on unlearning existing systems and defined agency between human-animal, plant and technology. Tiio finds inspiration from the odd societal orders and undefined territories. She feels art is a dialogue to find connections with all beings, natural, virtual and unknown ones, it is a dialogue beyond linear time.