LIGA #7 | Aida Castro & Maria Mire + Eduardo Matos

6 Novembro 2022 16h00

LIGA #7 | Aida Castro & Maria Mire + Eduardo Matos

SCHEDULE | November 6, 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm
ENTRY | Free
SUPPORT | República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes
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It is common in the production of metals to use alloys (“liga”), that is, combining metals with other elements (usually non-metals) and the result of the mixture gives rise to materials that generally differ from the base metals, providing them with new qualities, namely increasing the its mechanical strength, hardness or resistance to corrosion. Curated by João Fonte Santa, LIGA is an ephemeral one-day event, which proposes the collaboration of two artists at each session. In this edition the invited artists are Aida Castro & Maria Mire e Eduardo Matos.

AIDA CASTRO AND MARIA MIRE are an artistic duo who have debuted in 2017, after an intense cooperation in several researches and other collective works (Colectivo Embankment and Plataforma ma). The choice of the crossed mode, besides the insistence in any mere optical exercise or in unveiling its tricks, has managed to become a practical methodology: an imposed stereoscopy. The duo postulates the parallax method position in which are considered the distance and the difference of perception between two observing bodies in relation to the same object during the image processing. If it were not double, it would be a hypothetical body in constant movement and acceleration, going from one place to another. 

EDUARDO MATOS was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1970. He lives and works between Helsinki and Porto. Master in Contemporary Artistic Practices (FBAUP). He has been working since 1999 as a visual artist. In his career, he has been developing works where he crosses the image/video/sculpture language with the spatial and interacting three-dimensionality of installations – specifically reconstructing and deconstructing in each place and at each moment the pieces that make up the simulacrum of a game of aesthetic, political and geographic metaphors.