HOSSAM HILAL /// concert with João Madeira, M-Pex and Patrícia Domingues

8 Outubro 2022 19h00

HOSSAM HILAL /// concert
with João Madeira, M-Pex and Patrícia Domingues

October 8, 7:00 pm
Free entry

We are pleased to invite you to the concert by Hossam Hilal (percussion / electric / electronic guitar), artist-in-residency at Zaratan, who will be performing with M-Pex (Portuguese / electronic guitar), Patrícia Domingues (vocals) and João Madeira (double bass).

Producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and sound engineer Hossam Hilal infiltrated the Lisbon scene of improvised music and at the same time explored the sounds of traditional Portuguese music.
Based on the similarities between a certain type of traditional Egyptian music and the sounds of fado, a collaboration with Portuguese musicians João Madeira, M-Pex and Patrícia Domingues emerged. The quartet concert alternates pieces of composition with a lot of free improvisation and real-time experimentation.

Thanks to Dinis Lapa for translating the song texts into Portuguese.
SUPPORTS: República Portuguesa / Direção-Geral das Artes (Zaratan) e Culture Resource. (Hossam Hilal)


HOSSAM HILAL is an Egyptian experimental producer, multi-instrumentalist, song- writer and sound engineer. His work merges oriental elements with the psychedelic and ambient. During his studies, he worked as a sound engineer, recording many of Cairo’s renowned musicians. In 2015, he was the guitarist of the group “Subject Matter,” a progressive psychedelic rock band. He also regularly performs with the collective “Procession Towards the Unknown,” a dark improvisational psychedelic project. By the end of 2017, he had developed a unique sound experimenting with different genres, leading to the birth of his first self-titled project in 2019. He is currently in residency at Zaratan, with the support of Culture Resource.
JOÃO MADEIRA began his studies in music and double bass at the Conservatório de Lisboa at the age of 12. As a musician he studied several extra-western languages, before dedicating himself to free improvisation/composition in real time. He collaborated as cocreator, composer, musician, actor, or musical director, in creations such as: "A Fábrica de Nada", 2005, and "The Hamlet Machine", 2020 - Artistas Unido, among many others. He is currently recognised for his work with the free jazz trio GALMADRUA, and the double bass duet with Hernâni Faustino. In parallel he develops other multidisciplinary projects, such as his partnership with Margarida Mestre. He is the curator, composer and conductor of the performative cycle entitled Mystic Gulf, at Zaratan gallery in Lisbon, since 2017. He founded 4DaRecord, a music label, in 2021 with the release of the album "Ângulo / Flama", a duo of double bass and saxophones/clarinets, with Paulo Galão. In 2022, he released his first solo album "Aqui, Dentro", edited on CD by Miso Music.
M-PEX is a musician, composer and producer from Lisbon, Portugal, who has in the portuguese guitar the hallmark of his musical identity, merging their sound with diverse soundscapes, including electronic music. His creations aim to modernize and globalize this traditional instrument from portuguese culture, culminating in a bold and innovative musical confluence.
PATRÍCIA DOMINGUES Free Singer. Has been practicing to allow the free flow of the voice, the singing, the energy (the present emotions, pure intentions, messages that arise) through singing, in the moment of sharing with others musicians/performers/artists, and with the spectator. Studied at the "Escola de Música do Conservatório Nacional" (Portuguese Conservatorium of Music), and did sing with the Gulbenkian Choir, which gave her the contact with great musical works, authors and performers. Has participated in Theatre plays and performances, as singer, dancer and actress.