BI-CICLO #1 | Double Solo Concerts Cycle | Aidan Baker + Söll

20 Dezembro 2015 12h15

Organized by Associação Terapêutica do Ruído in partnership with Zaratan and 1359, the Bi-Ciclo  takes place once a month and presents two solo concerts of experimental music. In this first session we presents two live performances by Aidan Baker (CA/DE) and Söll (PT). 

For each episode of the cycle we invite an artist to produce a double poster, two images into one, proposing a direct dialogue inspired by the music of the "Bi-Cycle".

The artwork resulting from this call is, as in the past cycles, is printed with risography by the publisher 1359 in a limited edition of 35 signed copies. The artist invited to produce the artwork is Catarina Santos (PT).