AUTOFAGIA /// A Concert by Nuno Viegas

25 Junho 2022 18h00

"AUTOFAGIA" /// A Concert by Nuno Viegas

25 Junho, 18:00
ENTRY | Free

Apoio: República Portuguesa - Direção Geral das Artes
To celebrate the closing of the exhibition “Cosmogonia alastrar no canto da sala”, by Nuno Viegas, we are pleased to present “Autophagia”.
This is Nuno Viegas's first solo public appearance as a sound explorer, with a bass, a guitar, a microphone and some pedals, making time plastic, in search of a background for words (written or spontaneous) or a ground conducive to freeing the voice.
"there is a situation
I don't know if it happens to you too
to walk through this world
looking for feedback
not about that change
derived from giving
and receive in return
but about that logic
a repetitive mirror
against itrself in another
or that ouroboric
paradoxic autophagy
of something to yourself
until the paroxysm
eardrum explosive
in the amplifiers
as like a
massive return
from universe to premise
of our insignificance
like a foot outside the cage
or an entire window
wide open from top to bottom
overlooking the unheard,
that saying little,
to make a favour
to simplicity,
in the background just the end
returning to the beginning."
Text of 27 05 22, Nuno Viegas