28 Agosto 2021 18h00

Zaratan AIR | Open Studio

SCHEDULE | August 28, 18:00
SUPPORT | República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes

The Artist Talks offer the community a chance to meet the artists-in-residence at Zaratan and to gain insight into the creative process.
During this encounter Marcy Petit and Rebecca Tennenbaum will introduce briefly their artistic practices and will give us an insight into the exhibitions simultaneously open in the gallery space at Zaratan.
The conversation will be held in english and the participants are encourage to engage.

[*In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the conversation takes place outdoors in the Zaratan courtyard, with mandatory use of a mask and limited seating, in compliance with hygiene and safety standards.]


>>> MARCY PETIT (France,1990) is an intermedia artist currently living and working in London (U.K). She obtained an MA in Management of Contemporary Art at Leeds University and at Université Paris 8 after completing a BA and a MA in Visual Arts in Rennes (FR). Her works, inspirations and interests are extremely eclectic. Her works develop through a multidisciplinary practice: from videos, to photographs, performances, sound, or installations. Nourished by an extended investigation on relational art, her practice often explores performatic ways of intervention, both by using her body as a medium or recording her encounter with people, stories and territories in different formats. She has participated in several collective and solo exhibitions, and joined several festivals internationally since 2011.
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>>> REBECCA TENNENBAUM lives and works in Philadelphia, where she is an active member of the local art and education community. There, she is also a member at Pink Noise Projects, an artist-run exhibition space, and teaches at Temple University and Drexel University.
Although her practice had initially a strong sculptoric component, during the pandemic she felt a need to return to a more immediate process. Since then, she’s been making drawings that are a humorous yet sincere exploration of the nature of the human experience: the continuous movement of thought and the processes of deliberation and choice. Her works evoke a sense of functionality while staying rooted in abstraction.
Recently, Rebecca has been reading about decision-making and other aspects of behavioral psychology. While at Zaratan, she will complete a series of drawing hopes to continue her research and complete a series of drawings about decision-making.
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