GOLFO MÍSTICO | (Obstinacy)

10 Outubro 2020 16h30


October 10, 2020 - 16:30 | 17:30 | 18:30

Curatorship: JOÃO MADEIRA
Visual Artist: JOÃO MOURO
Musicians: MÁRIO RUA (drums), NUNO REBELO (guitar), HERNÂNI FAUSTINO (bass)

The new format of Golfo Místico is based primarily on the invitation to a visual artist to propose, within his produced work, a piece that will trigger the entire creative process of the event. From the observation of this piece, the curator of the cycle João Madeira, elaborates a structure for the musical piece to be improvised / composed in real time. A trio of improvisational musicians will be selected to perform the musical composition live through a new performative experience based on a “blind” improvisational process. In other words, each musician will be isolated in a different space in the gallery, as part of a trio whose components cannot hear each other. From this process, surprising results of synchrony and cohesion are expected.
During the performance, the projection of the musical score by which each of the musicians conduct themselves individually will be shown in the Zaratan concert room, together with the sound, mixed in real-time, of the 3 instrumentalists. The public will have the option to listen to the sound mix in the concert hall, or to circulate through the space and listen to the individual interpretation of each of the musicians, hearing, at that moment, only one of them.

In order to comply with the pandemic containment rules, and with the need to limit the space capacity, the event will be repeated in 3 sets (16:30 | 17:30 | 18:30) and we request the booking of seats upon reservation (

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