24 Setembro 2020 16h00


OPEN STUDIO | 24-25-26-27 September 2020
SCHEDULE | Thursday to Sunday, 16:00 to 20:00
ARTIST TALK | 26 September at 18:00
INFO | | +351 967580235

We are pleased to present ‘Ego Vs Soul’, a flash solo exhibition by Steven Sumner, artist in residency at Zaratan.
The basic promise for this exhibition is the artist's recent interest in resolving egocentric thoughts and how often we develop self-sabotaging behaviours that impact on our quality of life and mental wellbeing.
Just as the brain, lungs and heart have separate functions in a body, so too do the soul and ego. As such, these two facets have distinct priorities, and which one we give our allegiance to creates a different life focus. Egos search for goals, definitives, comfort, winning, accomplishments, and end results, while souls seek authenticity, creativity, expression, depth, experiences, growth, journeys, and expansion. Because of their potential contrasts, sometimes our souls and egos divide, showing how human life is full of paradox
Having explored different strategies for a clearer understanding of his personal and artistic identity, Steven Sumner has produced a new series of works that somehow illustrate this cathartic journey towards minimalism.
“Ego Vs Soul” generously shares with the viewers all the records of this mental and artistic process: the tension between an exaggerated flux of materials and notes – all the egotistic thoughts and emotions - gradually honed to a single and clear sculptural work, that symbolizes the willingness to peel off the layers of the ego and find the centre of the self.

BIO: STEVEN SUMNER is a british artist, living and working in the South of France. He obtained a Honours Degree in Contemporary Art at the Huddersfield University (UK) in 2014. Previous to assume himself as an art creator, he has been working during 37 years in the development of automation systems for industry. This extend experience in engeneering influences his artistic practice in a very unpredictable way. He approches the artistic media freely but wth pragmatism, starting from whatever material he feels necessary to engage with to represent his investigations: from lasers and computer systems to oil on canvas and clay sculptural works. His artwork reflects on existence and how, from energy and molecular fundamentals (particle physics), life and consciousness affords artistic and scientific enquiry. [ ]

Support: República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes

[*In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the conversation takes place outdoors in the Zaratan courtyard, with mandatory use of a mask and limited seating, in compliance with hygiene and safety standards.]