FTSB || Finais de Tarde em São Bento

24 Setembro 2015 16h00

Corresponding to the "As Noites de São Bento" ("The Nights of St. Benedict"), which sees the shops in the street of São Bentot open until 12pm during 3 days, Zaratan presents "Finais de Tarde em São Bento" ("Late Afternoon in St. Benedict") an opportunity to meet with contemporary art and experimental music.

During the three days the exhibition "Rádiotelescópio" by André Sier and Alexandre Castro will be open to visitors until 10pm.

On September 26 opens the exhibition "Prototypes" that presents the results of two workshop oriented by Alexandre Castro and André Sier in the area of the new meda (3D printing and programming with Arduino).

In his courtyard, Zaratan hosts the installation "Estendal" (2009) by Xavier Almeida, a structure designed to be able to contain other works hung up on itself. We present (read "dry out") a selection of risografias in limited edition, produced in partnership with the publisher in 1359 and the Associação Terapêutica do Ruído.

In each of the three days there will be a free concert at 17 pm: on 24th of September with "Catapulta", on the 25th with "Nuno Maltez" and ended with "The Orm" on September 26.


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