"ESCULTURAS GENERATIVAS"> ANDRÉ SIER I Workshop of Digital Modeling and Manufacture in 3D Printers

18 Setembro 2015 10h00

Workshop of digital modeling and manufacture of Generative Sculptures through 
programs created in open-source environments (ProcessingopenFrameworks, BlenderCure) with libraries code s373.net/x (http://s373.net/code). 
In this workshop we are going to produce abstract sculptures of the participants as well as to model, create and print volumetrical forms from sounds, cameras, sensors, generative algorithms.
The workshop introduces the abstract volumetrical space (voxels), introductory concepts of the creation of three-dimensional solids, experience of 3D modeling is not required , and it supplies several programs examples that produce models from gesture or digital sequences of users, sounds, sensors and other interfaces, generative processes.
With these programs we are going to create Generative Sculptures in volumetric space and to print it in a 3D printer.

- Knowledge of voxels and techniques of dimensional polygonising;
- 3D modeling objects through sounds, gestures, cameras, generative algorithms;
- 3D models recording and printing.

- The abstract computational volumetric space;
- What is a Voxel . Examples of dimensional polygonising techniques;
- Installation and use of s373.net/x ofxMarchingCubes libraries code and s373.marchingcubes to openFrameworks and Processing;
- Analysis and use of three-dimensional volume modeling example programs with sound, gestures, sensors, cameras, generative algorithms;
- Creation of 3D pictures with the application Eu-Abstracto ( http://s373.net/folio/projects/eu-abstracto/);
- .stl File recording;
- Cleaning and .stl scale in Blender and preparing for Cure 3D printing;
- 3D printing objects created by the participants.

Material Supplied:
- Computer and tutor software to use and create the sculptures.
- 3D cameras, digital sensors and other devices for creating sculptures.
- Machine and filament for 3D printing.
* Participants cannot bring the case materials chosen to watch and perform sculptures in the tutor's computer. Participants who want to install and run the software as well as programs distributed at the workshop must bring their own devices (cameras, microphones, i.e.) and have on your laptop (windows , mac or linux) the following software installed :
- Processing 1.5.1 ( processing.org/download )
- OpenFrameworks 0084 ( openframeworks.cc/download )
- Blender 2.72 or higher ( blender.org/download )
- Healing 14:12 ( software.ultimaker.com )

Number of participants:
Maximum 7

17th of September from 10am to 7 pm

25 euros (students) 30 euros (professionals and artists)