Moths drink the tears of sleeping birds

17 Janeiro 2019 19h00

“People like to think about butterflies and moths as though they were flying flowers, but they are fierce insects, struggling through each phase of life, spending time as caterpillars, bursting skins, dissolving selves in chrysalises and cocoons, mating in various intense and lengthy ways, devouring plant poisons to make themselves inedible, extending their extraordinary long tongues at manure and puddles.” _Rebecca Solnit, The Faraway Nearby (2013)

"Moths drink the tears of sleeping birds" is a new cycle from The icing room which considers the lepidopteran as a provocation, or a statement of intent. It proposes a form of itinerancy that is built upon nuance, in which gestures of subtle deviation are employed – meticulously, and often at length – in order to survive, adapt, transform, evolve... Often these gestures involve moving in undefined or unpremeditated ways, and can become about the smallest moment of intense detail, one that allows a form of opening to take place. Whether infinitesimal or more substantial, still, these openings are often not witnessed from outside.

For each edition of the cycle a setting or environment is inhabited, in which artists are invited to respond in some way to the text. This inaugural edition takes place at Zaratan-Arte Contemporânea, with a screening of Jean Cocteau’s Le sang d’un poète (The Blood of a Poet, 1930, dur. 50 mins). The invited artist makes an intervention into the space of the screening. With fire and cocktails. Join us!

January 17 from 19h00 to 22h00
Entry with 2 drinks 3€
DJ Set from Carlos Gaspar