Perfussom #12 | António Cova + O Homem De Uma Banda Só

17 Novembro 2018 19h00


António Cova + O Homem De Uma Banda Só

November 17 at 7pm
3€ entry for non-members

PERFUSSOM is a cycle of live events between performance, music and poetry. PERFUSSOM follows a nomadic and undisciplined path, proposing the mixing of several expressive languages. With curatorship of Filipe Leote, it happens once a month at Zaratan. In this twelfth session there will be performances by António Cova e O Homem De Uma Banda Só.


Singer-performer-musician-actor-painter-story-teller-troubadour-artist analyst and surveyor. António Cova is a musician who sings daily with stories of doom, loaded with truth and blunders, his lyrics create parallel, half melodramatic universes. Named the singer of "horn pain", he prefers to be titled as the singer of "pain in general."


After some dancing snack, the elevator went up and down between floors. It was here, in this place limited by walls and concrete, where it was defined (a priori) that we do not intend to elaborate a theoretical treatise on civil construction, but rather to free ourselves from the pre-established mooring, creating a language of its own, perhaps coming from the engineering of this place and in response to the need of filling this "closed" space, thus arising the project: “O homem de uma banda só”
Without musical training, (usually) without any harmony of enhancement, without complexes or manias but experts by talent in stealing environments, sound artists and beats tamers, they walk between an imaginary and consciously alternating temporal line against the usual melodies pre-established by the dictatorship of taste .
They present their BEATTÂNTRICO (“tantric beat”) with indie-folky-pinky-trashy nuances allied to a contemporary notion of alternative-punk dance but HARD in freaky-sound-mix resulting from the unique will of a "lonely man" trapped and dominated by introspective addiction of the "cut-up";
This "beautiful" method involves boycotting all the emerging sounds by the other actors, cutting and altering the normal sound cadence without ever leaving to chance the general improvisation giving an emotional destiny / effect / veil to the sound landscape transformed in diverse environments, thus the result is harmonious within the boundaries of each one ....
This group of “one band only" (“uma banda só”) divides into two rock formations; one with performative experience and with connections to electricity, dance and letters (João Millino, João Branco, António Cova, Lisa Telles) and the other represented by “Los Abandonados” from the rebirth of a deceased project.
In short, let's say that we are "only" between traditional cooking and molecular cooking with a buckling and transversal sounding at the will of "the man of one band only”