Bruce Paulino / Jeongsoo Lim / Smirna Kulenovi?

19 Julho 2018 19h00

Bruce Paulino (ZA) / Jeongsoo Lim (KR) / Smirna Kulenovi? (BA)

On July 19, at 7pm, Zaratan is pleased to presents 3 live performances byBruce Paulino Da SilvaSmirna Kulenovi? e Lim Jeong Soo.


Memory - the celebration of life. The social ceremony. Act of sharing and offering to the public. See making, know how to receive.

FIRST ACT: THE RECEPTION OF THE PUBLIC | On the scene table / altar of the ceremony support bench for the fruit, bowl of wine wood hammer.
SECOND ACT: PREPARATION OF REVENUE | On the scene fruit, fruit juice, wine, aromatic herbs, cinnamon sticks, water bowl, fruit collection (the scene involves cleaning the fruits and their impurities).
THIRD ACT: THE RECIPE | On the scene all the props, crush the washed fruit, smash herbs and cinnamon, mix in the bowl with wine (violent act that evokes the celebration of everyday life).
LAST ACT: THE OFFER | In scene glasses for wine, serving shell, serve the wine (social act of sharing among the guests).


In this performance I ask someone to give me his name, and then to write it on my body. When I receive a name, I give in exchange a small abstract decoration sticker. You can put this decoration on your body or on other stuff. It is kind of symbolic exchange between names and abstract decorations. In doing so, we can become decoration ourselves. 
A ‘name’ is each one’s own identity, when living with others. 
I think identity is created by the existence of other persons, relatively. 
The purpose of this performance is to highlight how art is based 
on human relationships, operating though actions and processes.
It also allowed us to imagine an impossible existence through a continus shift of name.


!!! 25 DE ABRIL SEMPRE !!!

Igraju Bosna i Portugal, Bosna dobije.
A match between Bosnia and Portugal where Bosnia wins.
Um jogo entre a Bósnia e Portugal em que a Bósnia vence.

!!! Sous les pavés, la plage !!!
!!! Ispod plo?nika, plaža !!!


"BOSNA - PORTUGAL: 1-0 is a performance connecting two simmilar galleries on the opposite sides of Europe - Lisbon (Zaratan - Arte Contemporânea) and Sarajevo (GSU Brodac). Both autonomous, independent and created by artists in order to promote a more accessible and free culture of an interdisciplinary understanding, they reside in completely different social and political contexts.
The connection occurs through the simultaneous action of the artist and curator Smirna Kulenovi? (BA) in Lisbon and Muhamed Baru?ija (A) in Sarajevo. Smirna Kulenovi? spent the last 6 months working and creating in Lisbon, and this is her last reflection about the social context of Portugal, Bosnia and Europe - which she puts to test before returning back to Sarajevo, Brodac gallery.
The topics of national and European identity, work, leisure, rise of right-wing political structures, fading relationship with the revolutionary historical heritage, post-capitalism and necessity for immediate and direct action intertwine through the piece, offering a critique of and solution for a socially engaged and anarchist art practice."