Artists Talks | Joengsoo Lim + Andrzej Rafalowicz

14 Julho 2018 18h00

The Artist Talks offer the community a chance to meet the artists-in-residence at Zaratan and to gain insight into the creative process. On July 14, from 6 pm, Lim Jeong Soo (KR) and Andrzej Rafa?owicz (PL) will be giving a short introduction of their artistic practices. The entrance is free and the presentations will be held in english. Questions and discussion are encouraged.

JOENGSOO LIM is attentive to the recombined balance with rendering both two and three dimensional imagery and sculptural elements incorporating surface and shape. Lim enjoy researching musical analogies words like rhythm, harmony, counterpoint, and dissonance for demonstrate themselves to the description of what patterns do visually in public space. Each object is consist of abstract shapes made of industrial materials in regular sequence and at some times confrontational tone with emotional, poetic, and aesthetic fallacy with ludicrous. Various kinds of materials like video, light, and sculpture are used for installation, and finally, movement of body combine each unit. Lim studied fine art in Korea National University of Arts, and have participated in diverse residency program and group exhibition, which example is 2018 Kunstort ELEVEN (Germany), 2017 ARE (Netherlands), 2017 Traversing Boundaries (New York), and 2016 Bitamine Faktoria (Spain).
In addition to discussing his residency project, Jeong Soo Lim presents a series of video performance to introduce her artistic practice.

ANDRZEJ RAFA?OWICZ was born in 1981 in Sokó?ka (Poland). He graduated in Painting at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroc?aw (Poland) where he currently teaches painting and drawing. He is also attending a PhD in the same university.Although the main discipline of Rafa?owicz’s artistic practice is painting, his work often explores other media such as printmaking, ceramics, video or public interventions. He has participated in several artistic residencies, solo and group exhibition, in Poland and abroad. For exemple: "Rietveld Arsenale", Arsenale, Venice (Italy, 2009), “3rd International Moscow Biennale for Young Art “, at MMOMA, Moscow (Russia, 2012), "Of Painting Off Painting", Museum of Non-Conformist Art, St Petersburg (Russia, 2015).. Among the solo show it stands out: "Of East and West", 2,04 Gallery, St Petersburg (Russia, 2014), "Okoliczno?? zdarze?", Galeria Sztuki Wspó?czesnej BCK, Brzeg (Poland, 2017), "See It Yourself", Yerevan Modern Art Museum, Yerevan (Armenia, 2012). His residency in Lisbon is a result of a partnership between Culture Zone Wroc?aw (Strefa Kultury Wroc?aw) and Zaratan AIR within the framework of the programme AIR Wro. It is also supported by Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroc?aw.
Andrzej Rafa?owicz will discuss his work, his creative process and main inspirations for his current project that he works on during his residency.