Superalma Project + Grilowsky

14 Janeiro 2018 19h00

>>> SUPERALMA PROJECT appears in 2014, funded by sound designer and music producer, Igor Almeida.
In the year 2015 the project presents its first live performances in Brazil, providing the audience with audiovisual experience in its entirety.
In 2016, Igor Almeida moves to Porto to continue his scientific research in the areas of sound and image. In this same year, the project has the opportunity to act in Portugal and in Germany. The duo is back in action in 2017 for new performances on European soil and for the release of its latest work "Cura circum animum mei intorquet ut in sella mei sedeo", the 6th album released so far.
The project aims to present a sound experience that is developed through the mixing of a broad musical spectrum, bringing solid influences rof dark ambient, glitch, idm, noise, power electronics and drone.
In the visual context, the project brings the fusion of glitch art, merged with the intensity of experimental cinema, textures, polygons and forms processed in MaxMSP and Processing, all this in real-time executions.

>>> GRILOWSKY is a Brazilian multiartist based in Berlin and Lisbon.Using amplifier, small microphone, compact pedal Big Muff and Fender Squire Guitar, Grilowsky captures energy and sound frequencies of the Space. This energy captured by the mask-antenna resonates directly into the blood stream of the performer, leading to a state of altered consciousness. Quickly, starts bone metabolism and muscle, creating involuntary movements that result in spontaneous musical structure, following the indications of Stellar Seismology scores, in the electromagnetic waves of celestial bodies translated to human coding in a new art form and interaction. Imbued this primary feeling of nature and its connection with the playful space, It is inevitable the empathy of the artistic performance with the most strange universe!