Artist Talk | Suzanne Ferlandl & Lise Bardou

16 Junho 2017 18h00

On the 16th of June, at 18:00 pm, Zaratan – Arte Contemporânea invites for an encounter with the artists Suzanne FerlandeL (ca) and Lise Bardou (fr), artists-in-residency at Zaratan AIR 2017, who are presenting their artistic course and their residency proposal in a public talk. 
The entrance in free and the conversation will be held in English and French.

Suzanne FerlandL >
Suzanne FerlandL is a multidisciplinary artist from Quebec, conjugating art action, furtive art, relational art with engraving, sculpture and installation. Her work is concerned by a variety of social themes (homelessness, inequality, death, suicide, etc.).
Now she is investing herself with the Portuguese community approching the theme of gender equality, investigating the disparity of the sexes, the patriarchal power and the violence against women. Suzanne FerlandL began her commitment against violence aimed at women in 2009 with an art mail action (renewed every year since then, during the national Day of remembrance and action against violence aimed at women), followed by an art action on feminine itineracy (Vancouver, 2009), an exhibition on the links between men and women ( 2010-2011 ), on the silence surrounding the suicide of Chinese women (China, on 2010), and by the creation of a monument in memory of native women who disappeared (Quebec, 2014). These past actions, her recent readings and the national and international current events brought her to question herself deeply about the place of woman in the contemporary society. Being a woman and an artist, the main questionis: how to include woman in history, from which she is so often excluded? 

Lise Bardou
Lise Bardou, born in Toulouse (France), will present a group of video, drawing and edited installations; a series of projects accomplished in 2016 from anthropological research about Trance phenomenon of Tarantism.
Indirectly connected with this ritual, her works challenges transitional spaces and approach the idea of the body as a vector. A vector which provides, through movement and rhythm, the transition from different body and mind states, but also through the connexion between the body and specifics places, spaces and landscapes.
In a second time, she will present her work in progress as part of Zaratan Air residency program 2017.The titled of the research: «To Go Around» come from a Paul Connerton’s book, “How modernity forgets”. This expression is used by the Walpiri (Australian Moderns Aborigines ); «To Go Around» in this context means « a place to express what might speak of as making a detour ». From this reading, Lise Bardou start to work about lines that the inhabitants of Lisbon draw and create. Geographic lines, but especially lines that meanders through the city, those who have directions and those who have movements: the drawing hand has one, the walking parade has another one, and so on. How to turn around the intangible, or getting closer without knowing it?