4 Fevevereiro 2017 20h00

The sound residency by the independent label A Besta at Zaratan, continues with a concert by Artnis.



It is impossible not to be immediately transported to the multiplicity of sensations that a passage through the town of Sintra confers when one hears the acoustic strokes that cross all the music by Artnis. The uncontrolled commotion that raises because of by the beauty of the landscape has a perfect parallel with the gentle guitar chords: a four-handed communication that is both simple and touching.
From the ruins of Inverno Eterno, Artnis also takes an "electric" strand attached to Black Metal and such umbilical connection is very noticeable in several moments of the acoustic experience. Far more than other genres, Artnis' music is able to enter into the intimacy of a conception of "saudade" (name of the first work made available by the band in its bandcamp) that is not artificially cleaned of its aspects more deeply loaded with negative feelings. Not that their music has only these feelings in consideration, but the fact of explorng this specific mood confers to its music a privileged place in the most intimate understanding of what Pascoaes called the "petrified sphinx of saudade."