Open Studio: GREG BURNS

27 Janeiro 2017 19h00

On January 27, at 7:00 pm, Greg Burns, artist in residence at Zaratan AIR, presents the artworks developed during his stay in Lisbon.
He was living in Brazil in 2013, during the controversial parliamentary coup d'etat that ousted President Dilma Rousseff. This event led him to work on the question "What would the gap look like between the media's message and the audience's understanding of reality if it were a real place instead of a state of mind?" 
He brought that question with him to the Iberian Peninsula where has been creating watercolor studies and minimalist drawings from Andalucia, Bilbao, Porto, and Lisbon. During the residency he also collaborated with fellow resident Daniel Gawronski by adding video to Gawronski's original audio piece. Finally, he has been working on a sculpture using beer cans that discusses and criticizes how mass media advertising shapes identity.
On the occasion of the open studio, there will be the launch of an artist multiple produced in collaboration with Zaratan and printed in risography in a limited edition of 30 copies,
The atelier will be open to the public on January 27-28-29, during the opening hours of Zaratan gallery.


Greg Burns 
He is a visual artist originally from Maine, USA. He developed his audoditact course of art since 2010.
He has studied at the University of Maine (Journalism and Public Administration) and the University of Edinburgh (European Politics), and is self-taught as an artist. He has also exhibited several times in Brazil and the United States.
Through his art he explores the controversial relationship between media information and reality per se. Although his medium of choice is painting, his artistic practice involves a variety of different techniques, such as drawing, video, sculpture, and installation.