30 Setembro 2016 16h00

The Ñ-DJ*s cycle exist since the 1st pre inauguration of Zaratan (end of 2014) and has involved more than 83 individual performances.Now back more permanently to the charcoal room of Zaratan twice a week to be enjoyed with a glass of red wine, within a rave and chill out mood! This cycle appears as a practice of shared musical exploration: Zaratan invites artists from all areas whose work is somehow related to music, with no pretensions or previous performances as Djs. This “not-dj's” select the sound using any type of mechanical/digital device (k7's of mp3's readers, smartphones, PDAs, radios, etc.) than those used by "career djs". This session we will be hosting the music selection by André Jessen, Maria João RibeiroTiago Silva e Boris Nunes.