FERNANDO FADIGAS (Oeiras,1968) is a sound artist and multimedia developer and publisher of experimental music. Done studies in Visual Arts, Multimedia Art, Sound, Photography and Typography Arts. Has preference for the development of collective works, site-specific projects and sound improvisation. Their focus of interest based on the relationship with sound and video, photography and drawing, with psycho-acoustics, noise and synesthesia phenomena. In his plays are influences of experimental and electronic music aesthetic as soundscape, noise, drone and industrial, rumbling between minimal soundscapes and analog and digital noise environments. In different contexts, their works are divided into concerts, dj sets, sound installations and multimedia performances. On stage takes into account the acoustic properties of each space, making a balance between new and old technology by manipulating several sound generators and mediums such as circuits, software, analog synthesis, tapes, original and modified vinyl records. With Miguel Sá runs the record label and promoter agency Variz.org sharing projects as Producers (electronica improvisation) or Tra$h Converters (Dj set), scheduling concerts and festivals in the vast fields of electronic music. Since 1998 he’s member of the artistic collective “Pogo” producing sound pieces for Theatre, Performance, Multimedia and Interactive installations, also producing and curating exhibitions.