andré (2014)

andré (2014) - aka André Borges (Lisbon, 1986) – present himself with a video titled Eleven minutes of my life should be enough , online at the link: andré (2014) lives and works in Lisbon, where he is attending a master in Multimedia Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts. The artwork of this artist, mainly video oriented, has been showed - in Portugal and Holland - in several collective exhibition, including: D’avant Stradivarius, Coop Residências (2012, Lisbon), 5 months of cheese sandwiches, Groningen Museum (2012, Groningen), The good, the bad and the ugly, Groningen Museum (2012, Groningen), Susana is taller than André, PIT Gallery (2012, Groningen), UNCERTAIN (2012, Groningen), Subtitles, Manifesto Gallery (2012, Den Haag), Digital Symbiosis (2012, Assen), Exposição de Finalistas 11/ 12, Palácio Galveias (2012, Lisbon), Nothing Happening, Groningen Museum (2012, Groningen), Australia, USA and Portugal, Martini Hospital (2011, Groningen), Kinda personal, Groningen Museum (2011, Groningen).