Zaratan CÁ

ELEGIBILITY | Emerging and professional visual artists, performing artists,sound artist, curators and writers living in Lisbon.

DURATION | Minimum 4 - Maximum 12 weeks. 

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS | Maximum 4 artists at the same time

ABOUT ZARATAN CÁ | ZARATAN CÁ is a non-conventional residency program, we would discourage applicants who are looking primarily for a studio-based residency. ZARATAN CÁ does not offer accommodation or studio space. It promotes a structure to focus, engage and work. Begun as an extension of ZARATAN AIR residency programme, the platform ZARATAN CÁ provides the time and structure to produce a non-studio based project - be it a writing, a film project, a performance video art, photography, sound or other. It is a space of construction and reflection, designed for artists who want to critically analyze their work in open dialogue with the local artistic community. Participants are given the opportunity to develop a project over a fixed period of time, and to consolidate their artistic practice. 

Although labs and technique-specific facilities are not available, we will do our best to fulfill your needs, providing logistical support for producing work and events within our network of partners and collaborators. All artists and art agent are encouraged and welcome to share the outcome of their research through talks, performance, public presentations and open studio.

APPLICATION PROCESS | We are permanently accepting application for the regular program of residencies. If you wish to apply to our residency program, please email us at with the following information (1 pdf file not exceeding 24 mb):
- Bio/CV;
- Artwork portfolio or website;
- A brief description of the work/project you intend to carry at Zaratan;
- The dates which you intend to start your residency.


APPLICATION EVALUATION | Applications are evaluated by a selections committee comprised of artists, curators, community members and spaces board members. Applicants will be notified via email as soon as possible after selections has been made.

COSTS | Our program is managed on a not-for-profit basis under the care of Zaratan gallery. We do not receive funding to run the program, so most of our residents attend with the help of funding they have received from other institutions. Zaratan can assist the artists/collective with letters of invitation to enable to raise funds to cover the residency as well as the artist’s production costs.