9 Janeiro a 29 Fevevereiro

André Sier


Lady of the Labyrinth's Honey


Opening: Jan 9 at 19:00

Open: 9 Jan - 29 Feb 2020 | Thursday to Sunday, 4pm - 8pm | Free entry

Guided Tour: 8 Feb at 18:00


"Lady of the Labyrinth's Honey" is first expression, archaeological, that guards the entrance of the first human labyrinths, before which are performed offerings of eusocial nectar, to the lady of the labyrinth, craving for safe passage before the first lethal device of serious and spacial games, in times where non-human aspects guide the sphere of human cosmos. This exhibition accounts for electronic and digital explorations in the footpath of the environment which braces the mythical engineered yarn: it proposes artifacts under the form of machinic drawings originating from non-human sources, abstract sculptures of the players, photographs and devices of bio-electronic aggregates, vegetable paintings with maps of played games, interactive visualizations of animal spaces, and a videogame, for two players. Daedalus, Ariadne, Minos, Theseus, Pasiphae, Asterion, and many others, dance and play, cyclically, in the virtual gardens of the lady of the labyrinth.

Project funded by DGArtes – Secretaria de Estado da Cultura.