WE ARE ALL LICHENS NOW by Nuno Direitinho

22 Setembro a 15 Outubro

We Are All Lichens Now

Nuno Direitinho

22. 9. 2016

15. 10. 2016

On the 22nd of September, at 9 pm, Zaratan - Arte Contemporânea invites to the opening of We Are All Lichens Now, a solo exhibition by Nuno Direitinho reflecting on the assumption of independence in neighboring organisms.
The work deals with the entropy inherent in the reconstruction of the memory of an event, investigating notions of realism in the optical perception of the experience of a place. The works in the exhibition question the permanence of a contemplative state of finitude. In this finitude, you can read the impossibility of the object to contain the reality that represents. We Are All Lichens Now invites the visitor to position himself as a mediator body in the space, triggering a second encounter with the environment.