3 Março a 2 Abril

On the 3rd of March at 7 pm Zaratan- Arte Contemporânea is pleased to announce the opening of Colecção, detalhes a janela, an individual exhibition by Zé Pedro Duarte, who is presenting a series of audio-visual installations and videos, in parallel with a collection of objects, found and classified by the artist himself, that shapes the discovery of a common imaginary. One of the video pieces that composed the exhibition (“Aquário”) will be played live by audio streaming in two sessions per week: on Fridays and Saturdays between 6 pm and 7 pm.

On the opening day, at 7 pm, the artist on behalf of the project Yan-Gant Y-Tan, will present a live performance related with the exhibition frame Colecção, detalhes à janela ("Collection, details at the window"), which uses, as a starting point for the sound production, a collection of field recordings captured at the window of his bedroom. The audio of the concert will be recorded to later be used as a sound installation in the exhibition (Ambiente).