7º Seminário Nómada de Performance | VÂNIA ROVISCO & VERÓNICA METELLO

6 Maio 2016 19h00

REACTING TO TIME | Portugueses na performance

#7 Seminário Nómada em Estudos da Performance

In the years around the revolution of April 25 in 1974, a particular dynamic guided the Portuguese artistic activity. A set of events put Portugal in line with the issues and some of the practices that animated the international artistic avant-garde. REACTING TO TIME - portugueses na performance, seeks to update the specific body memory of these early experiences. The aim is to built a living archive, made present in the bodies. The project was born from a meeting, about how to make others, in a split of temporality and practices whose goal is the transmission of information and performative language created during  the first Portuguese experimentalism.
The participation of Vania Rovisco and Verónica Metello in the 7th episode of Seminários Nómadas de Estudos da Performance will emanate from their common experience.