Maria do Mar

4 Junho 2015 19h00

On the 4th of June, during the opening of the exhibition “Querida, mudei de casa” de Henrique Neves, Zaratan presents a solo concert of Maria do Mar (PT) at the violin.  


Maria do Mar, violinist born in Lisbon, has a path marked by classic music and teaching, although she has always collaborated with artists from other musical areas. Since 2012, following her participation in the “Atelier de Improvisação e Direção de Ensemble em tempo-real (Conduction)” directed by Butch Morris, she began to explore free improvisation and other languages in the contemporary music scene, taking part in a violin and electric bass duo with the musician and composer Ricardo A. Freitas.
She has developed improvisational work with various musicians, performing in concerts, cycles and festivals, with names like Carlos “Zingaro”, Marcelo dos Reis, Guillaume Aknine, Ricardo Ribeiro, Helena Espvall, Luís Vicente, Miguel Mira, Paulo Chagas, João Pedro Viegas, Joana Guerra, Ricardo Jacinto, Christophe Berthet, Maria Radich. In the context of the Moving Theater she participated as a guest in the workshop Suzuki / Viewpoints by Lowri Jenkins and Jane Pupo. She is seeking a broader musical universe and the development of a personal language, where the musical boundaries are fading and new possibilities opens up with no creative limits.