makearevolution* | ANTÓNIO CARAMELO

26 Fevevereiro 2015 19h00

On the 5th of March, during the finissage of the exhibition "Foda-se" by António Caramelo, the artist presents makearevolution*, an erudite sound performance which is part of a luxury collection of objects for the civil disobedience of the bourgeoisie (+infos:


António Caramelo

António Caramelo was born in Angola during the Année érotique (according to a song by Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg) a time when it didn´t even existed kizomba or kuduro, only Merengue. He studied Fine Arts in Lisbon (Sculpture) and he attended a master in art and interactive communication in Barcelona, a master that is not even recognized in Spain. Currently he teaches and as he is disappointed with the education systems, he ponders to work as a bartender in Mexico. He exhibited regularly since 1999, the date coinciding with the departure of the moon from the Earth's orbit (see: TV show “Space1999”). For this reason he never exhibited on the moon, but relatively close, considering the tangible universe: Touch me: It's about time!, Galerija Klovi´cevi dvori, Zagreb, 2014, SUL/SAL, Fundation Verbeke, Bélgica, 2014, NÓS, Plataforma Revólver, Lisbon, 2014, Sem Quartel / Without Mercy – exhibition, Sinsmógrafo, 2014, Febre dos Fenos / Hay Fever, Cultivamos Cultura, S. Luis, Odemira, 2014, Collecting Collections and Concepts, Fabrica ASA, Guimarães, 2012, Dive in, Plataforma Revólver, Lisbon, 2013, O Fim da Violência, Casa Bernardo, Caldas da Rainha, 2013, Dreaming of a Butterfly, Bishop's Square, Spitalfields, London, UK, 2011, Where Are You From? Contemporary Art From Portugal, Faulconer Gallery, Iowa, USA, 2008, Toxic – o discurso do excesso, Fundição de Oeiras, 2005, Portugal - 30 artists under 40, Stenersen Museum, Oslo, 2004, Expect The World video screening, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, 2001, Plano XXI, Mackintosh Gallery, Glasgow School of Art, 2000, among others.