CELLY GOOSE | «Taking Shape» Open Studio

23 Maio 2024 16h00

CELLY GOOSE | «Taking Shape»

Open studio | 23-24-25-26 May 2024, 16:00-20:00
Free entry

We are pleased to invite you to the open studio of Celly Goose (Céline Floyd), artist-in-residency at Zaratan.  
Throughout her two-month stay, she chose to focus on ceramics, inspired by the country's rich history and culture. Throughout her two-month stay, Céline pushed herself to explore a variety of techniques, styles, and themes, all with the aim of infusing fun into functional objects to brighten people's everyday lives.
Her work playfully incorporates color and humor to address subjects like mental health and pay homage to pop culture, reverberating a vibrant and sometimes chaotic creativity.

BIO: CELLY GOOSE is the brainchild of Canadian and French multidisciplinary artist, Céline Floyd. Her current focuses are tufting/needle punching, pottery, polymer clay jewelry, and making stickers via digital illustration. Having ADHD, depression, and anxiety, Céline, uses arts and crafts as an outlet and expression of her inner world—playful, colourful, and a little loosey goosey.