VOLTAS | Spice Route Reframing de Katarina Balunova

21 Março 2024 18h00

VOLTAS | Cycle of Performances
«Spice Route Reframing» de Katarina Balunova

Taking place in five sessions, between March and May 2024, the VOLTAS performance cycle is led by 6 international artists/activists who, with their work, address universal issues linked to the protection of the values of democratic societies and the development of an awareness collective: the decolonization of knowledge, political oppression, social inequality, gender issues, climate change.

The revolution is considered a fundamental point of convergence for the development of a collective consciousness, the place to once again define the borders and characteristics of minorities, or rethink the instruments for welcoming and protecting democratic society. Thus, reflection on the 25th of April becomes an opportunity to explore current political and social contestations not only in Portugal, but also at an international level.
With performances by Katarina Balunova (SK), Laura Stinger (US), Letícia Larin (BR), Melissa Rodrigues (CV/PT) with Carolina Varela (PT) and Roxanna Albayati (UK/IR) with Rebecca Moradalizadeh (PT/IR).

The cycle starts on March 21st, at 6:00 pm, with the performance “Spice Route Reframing” by KATARINA BALUNOVA. The performance explores the history of the spice trade in the post-colonial period, expeditions marked by the explore-exploit relationship.

VOLTAS is an integral part of the “Lápis Azul / Lápis Vermelho” project, with joint support from the Portuguese Republic – Culture / Directorate-General for the Arts and the 50th Anniversary 25th of April Commemorative Commission.