25 Novembro 2023 16h00


OPEN | 25-26 Novembro 2023, 16:00 – 20:00
+ INFO | residencies@zaratan.pt
ENTRY | Free

We are glad to present “Dim Rhythm”, an exhibition by Faezeh Valadan produced during her one-month residency at Zaratan.
Conceptually, "Dim Rhythm" employs the metaphorical power of light to delve into the representation and identity of women and femininity, weaving together elements of mythology and reality. It confronts the trauma inflicted upon women due to restrictive laws and the consequences of defiance, seeking to illuminate dualities and intricate connections between Western and Eastern cultural heritages.
With a focus on cross-cultural identity, it endeavors to unearth the underlying commonalities that thread humanity's diverse tapestry, while knitting together the philosophical foundations and artistic nuances of both Eastern and Western traditions. Intricate patterns resembling endless hairs, fingerprints, tiles, paves on streets, streams of water, or lines on trees.
The project is indeed a symphony of rhythms and lines that paves the way for dreams to soar, creativity to flourish, and curiosity to thrive.

Her residency at Zaratan is supported by OCA – Office for Contemporary Art Norway.

BIO: FAEZEH VALADAN is an interdisciplinary artist. She completed her B.A. in painting at Tehran University of Art, in 2017 and pursued a master’s degree in fine art at Kunstakademiet i Trondheim at NTNU, in 2022.
As an artist coming to Norway from Iran, she has a keen interest in searching common threads and wave relationships between Western and Eastern philosophies and cultures, extending the medium of painting into installation, bridging the reality to the dream world, questioning the existing understand of them not just on the conceptual level but also in methods.