OPEN CALL | “My Arduous Desire of a Poetic Memory” de Walker Journey

1 Dezembro 2023 10h00

OPEN CALL | “My Arduous Desire of a Poetic Memory” de Walker Journey

1-31 December 2023

“My Arduous Desire of a Poetic Memory” is the latest sound project by Walker Journey, the field recorder alter ego of Ignácio Córdoba, artist in residence at Zaratan.
It focuses on the sound aspects that circulate in the landscape and urban context, a process that will be carried out in a participatory manner, through community involvement and the development of collaborations with local musicians and sound explorers.
It begins with the collection of a compilation of stories and voices. The public is invited to participate and be an integral part of the project, sending a contribution on the following topics:

- A moment that changed your life;
- A memory of Lisbon;
- Something you deeply believe in;
- Something that affects you personally and is not talked about enough.

You can join the project by sending an audio message via WhatsApp (+4560566694) or by email ( Submission must be made in Portuguese. If you prefer a live recording, you can arrange a face-to-face meeting with the artist, who will be available between December 2nd and 8th.
The recordings will be used as part of a sound collage of field recordings and music made inside and outside Lisbon, to produce sound installations and audio pieces. Submissions can be anonymous or, if desired, can be credited as part of the final work, to be exhibited at Zaratan in 2024.
Ignácio Córdoba's residency at Zaratan is supported by Culture Moves Europe, a project funded by the European Union.

BIO: IGNÁCIO CÓRDOBA is a small person from a small village in the mountains of Madrid (Spain), based in the Copenhagen experimental and improv scene. His musical journey has turned him into a shaman mistaken for a scientist, an engineer of his own confusion and an apprentice devoted to the craft of being lost. He makes Magic with Electricity. He makes electronic music that blends sound-art, drone and experimentation with instruments that he invents and builds himself. Ignacio uses it to succumb into a body-trance state that shamans and witches have described and experienced for centuries. In 2016 Ignacio founded the collective label MAGIA and has released music with it as well as with Gotta Let it Out (DK), Repetidor (SP), VIC (PT) Dokuro (IT) and Punctum (CZ). He has since played more than 200 shows over 6 European Tours through 17 countries and a Japanese Tour. He has collaborated with artists such as Michael Pisaro, Pamelia Kurstin (Stickney), G.W. Sok (The ex), John Russell, Maggie Nicols, Søren Kjaergaard, Maria Laurette Friis, Kazehito Seki, Johanna Borchert, Fernando Junquera (Negro), Isasa, Ainara LeGardon and many more.