TIIO SUORSA | “Engobes - Meditation with virtual entities”

26 Outubro 2023 16h00

TIIO SUORSA | “Engobes - Meditation with virtual entities”

OPEN | 26-27-28-29 October 2023, 16:00-20:00
ENTRY | Free
INFO | residencies@zaratan.pt

Zaratan is thrilled to invite for the presentation of “Engobes”, the latest in-progress project by Tiio Suorsa produced during her one-month stay in Lisbon.

Incorporating video, photography and objects, the exhibition is an invitation to meditate with a series of to-be virtual entities. These beings hold something familiar, but still unknown, containing stories to be unfold slowly. Two entities mimes a bit each other, trying to find a common rhythm. Eventually these organic characters are going to be part of a virtual world and a long-term project in search of senses, gestures and connection in digital and analog coexistence.

The video consists of self-made clay objects, field recordings and digital manipulation, it’s presented along with nonlinear poetry text.


TIIO SUORSA is a visual artist working with moving image, digital poetry and installations. The practice and artistic research is based on unlearning existing systems and defined agency between human-animal, plant and technology.
Tiio finds inspiration from the odd societal orders and undefined territories. She feels art is a dialogue to find connections with all beings, natural, virtual and unknown ones, it is a dialogue beyond linear time.
At the moment the practice is influenced by exploration of queer-feminine energies, deeper understanding of senses, spaces and movement as a language. The exploration is towards opening up space for knowledge based on different experiences, in believing beyond covert individual worlds there are shared understandings. Among previous works there is a strong interest in exposing domains that lie in-between, are in a process, and are therefore often hidden under rigid, binary systems and societal orders.
The characteristic techniques blend analog and digital while raw material is often field recordings in the form of video and audio. The pieces often take the form of digital-born poetry, sometimes experimenting with physical materials like canvas, clay and paper. An important part of the research phase is making zines and artist’s books to share and participate in dialogue outside of the studio.