Zaratan AIR | Open studio LUCIJA KLARIC | “The Bureau of Missing Reactions”

23 Setembro 2023 16h00

Zaratan AIR | Open studio
LUCIJA KLARIC  | “The Bureau of Missing Reactions”

SCHEDULE | September 23, 16:00-20:00

ENTRY | Free

Zaratan is pleased to invite for an interactive event organized by Lucija Klarik:

“Feeling everything and anything? Like it's too much and nothing at all?
You don't know how to react? What to feel or say?
You're in need of a service?

We process your stressors for you and offer services in reacting when you have too much on your plate or you are running on empty.
You can choose your flavor of reaction or if you don't have any taste preferences, let our professional staff cook up the best reaction from their thoughtful kitchen.
If you fill out the form online we will get back to you in between 7 to 365 days.

For those who have a reaction emergency and wish for their case to be processed more quickly, we will be opening a special, on-site office this Saturday, in the Zaratan space, in Lisbon. We recommend visiting our bureau from 16h to 20h on Saturday, 23rd of September and we guarantee you a faster service, with a reaction being served in 3-6 days (including weekends).

Thank you for putting your trust in us.”

                                             _The Bureau of Missing Reactions

BIO: LUCIJA KLARIC, writer, dramaturg, and artist, finished MA studies in Dramaturgy at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, Croatia. Writes plays and scripts and scenarios, sometimes in a conventional setting, sometimes in a very unconventional one. Received various supports and rewards for her writing - theater and TV but also for participatory works. Besides writing for general audiences, she writes for younger audiences too, enjoying anything fun, absurd, quirky, and fantastical. Her texts had concert readings and performances in Croatia and France (La Chartreuse, KunstTheater, Center for Drama Art, Studio Exit etc.). She worked for institutional theaters, independent organizations, and national television as a writer, dramaturg, and author. Has a particular interest in game-based narratives and artworks on a theoretical and practical level, loves mixing the performative dimension with simple digital tools, or brings interaction and participation into text and performance. Currently, she works as a coordinator and administrator of an art organization. She also has experience as a drama teacher and regularly writes articles on theater, film, and new media.