SUPER-DIVAS #7 | Manuel Seatra

23 Setembro 2023 17h00

SUPER-DIVAS #7 | Manuel Seatra

WHEN | 23 September, 17:00
ENTRY | 3,5€ [monthly member fee]

What drives poets? Sung sex, of course. But, being poets, it's ultrasex. That is why this cycle dedicated to super hot super divas is urgently needed. Dinis Lapa and Nuno Moura send jests into the air and then a divine ray pierces them with the names of the mega sexiest poets in Portugal. All of them are somehow connected to music. Super-diva prima-donnas is what they are. «Sexões» are, therefore, sex sessions with the sexiest poetry super-divas. The feast is served.

In this seventh session of the Super-Divas cycle, there will be a performance by Manuel Seatra in collaboration with Jorge Barata. As a duo, they combine three forms of art on stage: performance, literature and music.The performance is a search for orality dissected in the genealogical tree of literature, accompanied by the guitar in the impetus of an ethereal environment molded to the will of the artists depending on the scene and the incidents that follow. The two come together to embody this project in a preview of other possible collaborations that have as a meeting point their taste for this type of symbiosis.

Poster design: Joana Souza