29 Março 2023 16h00

Zaratan AIR | Open Studio

EXPOSIÇÃO | March 29 to April 1 2023, 16:00 – 20:00
ENTY | Free
INFO | residencies@zaratan.pt

We are glad to invite you to "Tudo Bem", a pop-up exhibition by Julia Riederer who is presenting the work developed during her residency at Zaratan.
The exhibition explores the question: how do you treat yourself? In times of uncertainty and confusion, it is essential to remain resilient and be kind to ourselves.
The works on display are enigmatic, sensual and sometimes mystical incarnations of softness and resonance. They are connected by a mutual energy and stem out the skill to read between lines, being in correspondence with one's surroundings. Produced in various mediums, from installation, to sculpture and sound, the works are united by a new vision for coexistence, acceptance and togetherness, that fosters connectivity and self-care.

BIO: JULIA RIEDERER is a human, a creative thinker, artist and founder with the aim to create awareness, openness and connection. Together with the performance band die Fitten Titten she brings music from a feminist point of view into the club culture. As a co-founder of Kollektiv Klaus, she uses the public space as a stage to come into contact with people outside the art institutions. As co-founder, curator and artist of the One Mess Gallery, people become part of an expanded concept of art in larger performative installations. She also works as a choreographer as well as a stage and costume designer for art videos and films. In 2022 she founded the center for transdisciplinary art and applied sciences LOT in an old bread factory in Vienna together with five other artists to be an open space for new ways of working in the fields of art. She works mostly in collectives but also solo.