"privacy-GrDN.info" | Visita guiada com S4RA

17 Setembro 2022 18h01

We are pleased to invite you for an encounter with S4RA, who will be available to lead visitors on a guided tour around the imaginary and the creation and the pieces that compose the exhibition “privacy-GrDN.info”, on dispay at Zaratan until 8 October.
"privacy-GrDN.info"  presents a bodyof work centered on the artist’s on-going research on how neo-liberal capitalism is altering and offsetting the labour-leisure-rest trichotomy inherited from the industrial revolution and maintained throughout modernity up to the digital era. The once partitioned realms of production have now expanded to every hour of the day, transforming social interactions, downtime and even sleep into potentially productive endeavors. While bio-political devices that track our moves and purchases are providing data that fuel the algorithms of everyday life, the exhaustion of life as we know it generates new profits."

ENTRY | Free
INFO | https://zaratan.pt//en/exhibit/104
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